Learned Last Week (29th of 2012)

Here are some of the ideas, observations, and insights that others shared last week, received via Twitter, RSS feed, or link round-up. Quotation implies engagement, but not necessarily endorsement.

@CarnegieCorp. “National Research Council Report Highlights Importance of ‘Deeper Learning’.”
In a newly-issued report funded by several foundations across the U.S., including the William and Flora Hewlett, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur, and Nellie Mae Education foundations, the National Research Council validates an educational approach called “deeper learning,” which emphasizes critical reasoning and a suite of other skills, and recommends that it be broadly adopted nationally even while recommending it be researched further.

@danariely: Plagiarism and Essay Mills
[DL writes: When I was still teaching at the university level, I developed a speech for lecture classes that went through the various steps involved in plagiarising a paper. In the end, my argument went, the time and effort required to make a plagiarised paper work far exceeded that of just writing a crummy one-and-done draft that at least tried to put together a response to the assignment and would likely get a C.]

@Dave_Ferguson: A Kepner-Tregoe consultant used the term “cause-jumping” — look at data, decide it fits your favorite problem to solve. #lrnchat

@Dave_Ferguson: Data, like hay, found in stacks, very dry. Insight, like needle, has a point, not found easily in data. #lrnchat

@LnDDave: Exploring Tappestry: A Storable Social Network for Learning.
The question hovering over Tappestry and Tin Can in general is whether organizations will embrace the enhanced data and value it as much as I do.

@LSNEDcom: Smaller Plate Makes for Smaller Belly.
The Delbouf illusion shows us that the perceived size of things can be manipulated by changing the size of nearby things.

@NYTimes Well blog: Really? You Can Spot a Lie by Watching a Person’s Eyes
[No, you can’t.]

@oracle: From Overload to Impact: An Industry Scorecard on Big Data Business Challenges.

@vpostrel: How the Elites Built America’s Economic Wall. Via @tylercowen.

@wkndmag: Gender and the Numb3r5 Game.
[Deft summary of recent research.]


About David D. LaCroix

Learning and education strategist; Director of Operations at Versatile PhD. All opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my clients, partners, or employers.
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