Learned Last Week (39 of 2012)

Here are some of the ideas, observations, and insights that others shared last week, received via Twitter, Google+, RSS feed, or link round-up. Quotation implies engagement, but not necessarily endorsement.

@JAltucher, “Today You Started a Business.”

“You demonstrate credibility when you teach your employees and when you teach your customers… An important side effect of educating people is that you build presence, you build charisma, you exude confidence that is earned.”

Amy Barth (in @DiscoverMag). “Controlling Brains With a Flick of a Light Switch.”

“Deisseroth needed a miniature flashlight that could be inserted in the brain so it could travel with the mouse wherever it went.”
via @TheBrowser

@TomChatfield (in @BBC_Future), “The Decaying Web and Our Disappearing History.”

“Few things are more explicitly ephemeral than a Tweet. Yet it’s precisely this kind of ephemeral communication – a comment, a status update, sharing or disseminating a piece of media – that lies at the heart of much of modern history as it unfolds.”

@IzaKaminska (in @ftalphaville), “As the only person in the room who has apparently never written a line of computer code…

Quoting Nicholas Colas, ConvergEx group chief market strategist: “We can’t beat them on speed, so forget the first one. But can a human investor learn what these new algorithms will look for, and then base an investment style around front-running the machines? Or at least stay out of their way.”

@Quinnovator, “Transcending Experience Design.”

“There are things about experience design that instructional design largely ignores: emotion, multiple senses, extended engagement.”

@YvesSmith, “On Manichean Worldviews and Effecting Change.”

“Anyone who has studied propaganda will tell you that purveyors of that dark art work hard to eliminate nuance, and force ‘with us or against us’ choices on people when the options are almost without exception more complex.”

@PenelopeTrunk, “How to Pick a Career You’ll Like.”

“You can’t just have the life they have now. You have to have the life they lead to get there.”

@PegTyre (in @TheAtlantic), “The Writing Revolution.”

“There are phrases—specifically, for instance, for example—that help you add detail to a paragraph,” Monica explains. She reflects for a moment. “Who could have known that, unless someone taught them?”

@sara_ann_marie, “New Forms, Old Places.”

“And you, that person out there feeling stuck, thinking that all this innovation stuff doesn’t belong to you? It’s your turn to listen up—because this next bit is all about how you can start bringing new content forms to your organization in one of two ways: bridging or infiltrating.”

@CarlZimmer, “Are Neanderthals Human?

“Paleoanthropologists cannot agree.”
via @TheBrowser

@Andrew_Zolli, “Want to Build Resilience? Kill the Complexity.”

(Pilot 1) Damn it, we’re going to crash… This can’t be happening!
(Pilot 2) But what’s happening?


About David D. LaCroix

Learning and education strategist; Director of Operations at Versatile PhD. All opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my clients, partners, or employers.
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